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A mode of treating various types of cancer is termed as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be administered either as a single mode of treatment or with a combination mode of treatment.

Here drugs or medications can be either injected into the body or through oral medications in the form of tablets or capsules.

After surgery the patient is subjected to radiotherapy and then chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be a single drug chemotherapy or the use of combination drugs. This alternative cancer treatmentsis done in cycles and each cycle varies according to the kind of cancer, age, stage of cancer and the overall health of the patient.

As there are side effects for all modes of treatments so does chemotherapy have its own list of side effects. Some of the side effects are seen immediately at the onset of the treatment and lasts till the end of the treatment cycle and these side effects are reversible in other words these side effects disappear after the completion of the treatment cycle. But then there are certain side effects that have a long lasting side effects and sometimes these side effects are known to cause damage to the internal body organs.

What are the side effects related to chemotherapy?

Some of the side effects which are common to all the modes of cancer treatments are patients complaint about nausea, vomiting, hair loss, headaches, anemia as there is a remarkable decrease in the blood count IE the white blood cells, the red blood cells as well as the platelet counts. These side effects are all reversible and the patient recovers after the end of the treatment cycle.

Certain side effects which have permanent effect on the patient are there have been instances where there has been damage to the kidney's, liver, lungs and it can also induce heart ailments.

Though the side effects can be minimized by taking certain precautions like using sunscreen for protection, drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins from the body, taking care of your diet in other words having a well balanced nutritional diet, taking plenty of rest will all help you to cut down the effects of chemotherapy.

Apart from this you can always go in for other alternative modes of treatments to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy like acupressureArticle Submission, herbal medications etc. Cancer therayhas a way of regulating the triggers of nausea and vomiting. Chemotherapy also leads to  depression as there is always a deep conscious about the physical appearance after the treatment cycle of chemotherapy as hair loss brings about the constant reminder about the sufferings and pain that is associated with cancer.

The best way to overcome this is to wear a wig to overcome these social stigmas. Acupressure also helps increase the blood circulation to the scalp so that there is a re-growth of the hairs.

Acupressure has helped restore the sensations which have been greatly diminished due to chemotherapy thus bringing back the sense of touch and feel to those parts of the body which had otherwise become numb due to chemotherapy. Thus there are both good and bad sides of chemotherapy and it does help cure various types of cancer and there are modes of treatments which does help minimize the effects of chemotherapy.